GNER Case Study

A project begins with you, the customer, and a desire to improve the hot drink and food offering on-board your trains.

Project brief

Our initial project was to develop boiling water units for GNER to use on the “White Rose” trains they were leasing from Eurostar. The main design consideration was that the buffet cars did not have a water tank and that the water was to be supplied from 1.5 litre bottles.

Solution provided

After extensive research and modifications after on-board trials, we developed a “galley unit” which incorporated 2 x 2.5 litre boilers into a reservoir and control housing unit; that also contained the control system panel.

Working closely with our customers, we created a special PCB and wrote bespoke software to cope with the frequent and high voltage transients (spikes) and neutral sections. We also produced robust rail-proof boilers, capable of passing the rigorous RIA20 shock and vibration testing standards.
So successful was this system that it was extended to all the Eurostar E300 fleet.