Eurostar Case Study

A project begins with you, the customer, and a desire to improve the hot drink and food offering on-board your trains.

Project brief

Our Galley Units had recently been fitted to the Eurostar E300 fleet for first-class service, and they now wanted a dedicated stand-alone boiler to provide hot drinks for customers in the buffet car. Once again this was to be fed with water from 1.5 litre bottles.

A further consideration was that the water boilers supplied had to be identical to those already in use.

Solution provided

With the boilers as a starting point, we designed the reservoir and control unit to fit into the very specific space envelope available. We also designed a bespoke spill tray which would allow water to be vented externally only when it was safe to do so.
The success of this second water boiler project gave Eurostar confidence in our design and manufacture capability when they were looking for a warm-water hand-wash system a few years later.